Pub Quiz Machine 2008

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Have you ever played pub quizzes? Do you want to test your general knowledge? If you do, Pub Quiz Machine 2008 is the game for you.

Pub Quiz Machine 2008 contains over 6000 quiz questions covering a wide range of categories and topics including sport, history, geography, science, astronomy, art, literature, music, politics, current affairs, television, religion, famous quotes, food and drink, nature, rock, pop, jazz, theatre, cinema, technology and many more.

It is exactly like the quiz you play at the pub or you watch on TV, first questions are easy enough to allow everybody enter the quiz but they gradually get harder and harder so only the ones who are really good can win the Quiz.

The game is suitable for players of all ages and intelligence and totally free, so it's worth to give it a try.

Finally, you can download more questions from the official site.
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